Lucetta Zaytoun
Lucetta Zaytoun

Lucetta Zaytoun

Founder, Your Life In Bold, LLC.

Long ago as a young mother and entrepreneur, I was living life like everyone else, trying to keep my head above water. Then several life smacks knocked me to the floor and rocked my world. After taking sufficient time to grieve and sort things out, I decided to no longer come from the place of victim, rather, be the creator of a new story in my life.

Before I knew it, I was raising six children, and it was beautiful chaos every minute! After they were grown another life smack hit. This one led me to the decision, at age 50, to put all of my belongings in storage, sell my car, shut down my phone and travel in developing countries by myself for a year. It was a crazy, yet rewarding trip. While out there, without intending to, I jumped off the world’s highest bungee bridge.

On that journey I found myself and reclaimed my authentic identity. Upon my return, I knew my passion was to give people hope in their own lives, helping them write a new story as well and encouraging them to live an uncompromised life. I am now a Certified Life and Authentic Leadership Coach, International Speaker and an Author.

My dream is to banish self-doubt throughout humanity. We already have everything we need inside of us to create a magnificent life we love, making our wildest dreams come true.

What I want to say about who you are:

You are uniquely created to live a beautiful and meaningful life. You have an original medicine the rest of the world needs. If you uncover this, and live in the authentic you, your impact on humanity will be dramatic. Not to mention, living a fulfilled life is the most joyful way to spend your days on this amazing planet.

Read about my precarious, intrepid, and fascinating journey in my memoir, It’s Already Tomorrow Here ©    Available on Amazon.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

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