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Fear Is Stupid 98% of the Time

  All of us wrestle with fear in some form, most likely every day of our lives. In our primal days fear was designed for our survival, yet in our culture, having your life in danger may only come up 1 or 2% of the time in your entire life. Let’s dive into this; if… Read More

The Kindness of Strangers

I realize there are many discouraging and disheartening things going on in the USA and this is what the media chooses to focus on, but I have had a very different experience of America as I travel around the country this summer. I have been witness to numerous acts of kindness and generosity for no… Read More

Say Thank You and Shut Up :)

When someone gives us a compliment or an acknowledgement we so often discount it by saying, “Well, it was just because of this or that.” We deflect the compliment, because we have been taught in our culture that if we embrace it, we are bragging or full of ego. This couldn’t be farther from the… Read More

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