Lucetta Zaytoun

Fear Is Stupid 98% of the Time

Fear Is Stupid 98% of the Time


All of us wrestle with fear in some form, most likely every day of our lives. In our primal days fear was designed for our survival, yet in our culture, having your life in danger may only come up 1 or 2% of the time in your entire life.

Let’s dive into this; if you are anxious, worried or fearful it’s in the future, which means it hasn’t even happened yet. And if it hasn’t happened that means you are making up a story. As humans we always go straight to worst case scenario.  If it’s a story we’re making up, why not go to best case scenario and live in that energy instead? Honestly, worst case almost never happens anyway.

We always worry that if that scary thing happens, we won’t be able to handle the consequences. The truth is, you will handle it!  Just by the fact that you are living, breathing and reading this today means you have a history of handling things that come up.  Every human has all kinds of stories about things they have had to overcome in their life. So when fear jumps on you, if you push past it, then know that you will handle whatever comes next.

We often feel that fear is keeping us safe, but the truth is, it is holding us back from moving forward in our lives. Is fear keeping you from going after a life long dream, a new job, a different partner, city, or any new situation? Don’t let fear hold you back because things happen to us even when we are sitting in our comfort zone. If things are going to happen anyway then why not handle them while we are going after our dreams and rearranging our life in a way that we love it?

I long for you to push past fear and design a life that you love. You are the only person who wakes up every day and lives your life, so live it YOUR way. You can do this. Claim your inner badass and love you.

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