Lucetta Zaytoun

Looking for a mentor?

Working towards your credentialing with the International Coach Federation?

Looking to become an ACC or a PCC?

Want to become incredibly confident in your coaching abilities and style?


Here’s How It Goes In Our Session:

You will call and for the first half of the session, you will coach me on a real life topic that I bring to the call. For the second half, I will give feedback around the competencies and possible areas for your strength and growth as a coach.

And here is the best part: It’s fun! This is a safe place for you to try out your coaching style and “voice”. Don’t be concerned with failing, rather consider it your playground for learning, for if not here, then where? You will walk away feeling very empowered and confident in your abilities as a coach.

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you, learn more about the process, and hear about my coaching packages.

Mentor Testimonials

When I started working with Lucetta as my mentor coach, I had just completed two coaching education programs. I felt as though I knew enough about the coaching model to coach my clients effectively; however, two crucial components were missing: constructive feedback and guidance from someone who knows how to be an amazing coach.

Through my work with Lucetta, I’ve become exponentially more confident in my coaching abilities. Her feedback was honest yet loving, consistent yet poignant, and it kept me constantly centered in who I am as a coach and what I can provide to my clients mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lucetta’s mentor style is strictly from the heart, and that pours out of every word she says to you during your sessions together. Her affect is grounding and her words are powerful. To anyone who is considering hiring Lucetta as a mentor coach, stop considering. She is the absolute best.

Amanda Howe

Muse Coaching, LLC.

At the time I began mentor coaching with Lucetta, I had completed my coaching certification, was working toward my ACC and was positioning myself to make the complete transition from a corporate sales executive to entrepreneur. Since completing my mentor coaching, I have made the leap and now coach full time, as well as run a secondary business… which was completely unanticipated!

There was a lapse in time between completing my certification and beginning my mentor coaching. Again, I was preparing to leave a lucrative corporate position, but had not fully come into my own as a coach. I felt rusty, unprepared, and uncertain. Through my mentor coaching, I gained a renewed sense of purpose, as well as tremendous learning and confidence through the individual sessions. Some of the sessions were extremely challenging, but I clearly remember the moment when I shifted from coaching from my head to coaching from my heart. Through Lucetta’s guidance, I finally FELT like a coach.

Lucetta’s approach is direct, clear, compassionate, and beyond valuable. You know she believes in you. Together we worked through the competencies to solidify those skills. Additionally, Lucetta helped highlight what I personally brought to the table as a coach. She helped me gain confidence in own my identity as a coach. You couldn’t pick a better mentor.

Erin MacDermut

Life Emergent, LLC.

When I first thought of mentoring, I was nervous. I was afraid of not being a good enough coach, and actually coaching a mentor, someone who knew their stuff. I didn’t know if I really had anything to offer. When Lucetta became my mentor, she made it easy to see where I shine in the Core Competencies. And where I didn’t shine, she gave me concrete ways to up my game, doing so with pure love.

Since mentoring I have become completely confident as a coach. I know I have plenty to offer and I’m a good enough now to even coach my mentor. Since those ten sessions, my clients have experienced unparalleled results, not only in gaining what they want, but seeing themselves for who they really are. For a coach this is priceless.

If you are considering mentoring with Lucetta, I would say, “What are you waiting for?”

Kioka Dunston

Kioka Coaching, LLC.

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